Lean recruitment

Lean is a philosophy in which practitioners commit to continuous improvements using critical tools to help them identify and eliminate waste and irregularities in their processes. It all starts with Value Stream Mapping (VSM), a process by which managers examine all activities that take place to produce a product or service. As part of the Lean philosophy, tasks that do not create value for the customer are considered wasteful, so in drawing up a VSM, practitioners identify “waste” to be targeted for elimination.

Achieving operational excellence in recruitment 

By embracing the fundamentals of Lean for business process services—  identifying value-creating activities, eliminating waste, and focusing on continuous improvement— you lift your recruitment to new heights of efficiency and quality.

1-What does HR do?  
Defining Goals, collecting the right data and motivate everyone to get lean.
HR’s function is to support hiring and termination, training and development, benefit programs, HR compliance-safety and their own improvement projects.

2- Develop a Lean Daily Management System.  
Once defined the objectives and understand what the purpose of HR is in your organization, you need to maintain a lean discipline about the data collected, the trend charts that you are updating, any nonconformance that are occurring, and what your HR progress is towards your HR objectives.

Break the big HR picture down into smaller elements that can be charted and tracked daily. Your lean system should be focused around a visual management board. When you are hiring then you must have a process that requires oversight, has defects, and also has opportunities for improvement.

  • What is employee turnover, what’s the goal?
  • What is the competency level for each employee, what’s the goal?
  • How many people are using benefit programs, what is the goal?
  • How many compliance/safety nonconformance, what’s the goal?
  • How many kaizens, what’s the goal?
  • Overall, what are the results of the HR department services?