Thought process

Solving business recruitment problems is what we do every day. Analyze complex business-related scenario to develop recruitment solutions and to create a quality talent pipeline for the future.
The objective is to walk through the main issues in a structured manner and drive towards a final solution. Assess how you understand and attack problems and your decision making pattern to visualise where we can add meaningful recruitment value.

The key is to structure the process and apply the relevant business concepts. It involves starting with specific knowledge and gathering relevant information to build up to an answer.
  1. Think on your feet: make sure we understand the scenario. 
  2. Break it down into logical components and visualize it. Ask for additional information. 
  3. Structure the process: state assumptions + focus on key concepts. Ask for additional information. 
  4. Effective evaluation, and methodology definition through a comprehensive approach to Competency management, Leadership analysis, and measuring performance.
5 Success Metrics  to evaluate the satisfaction

Understanding trends in customer behaviour to evaluate the satisfaction with the quality of our execution and how we might improve our service.
  1. Client Satisfaction – Is the client enjoying and benefiting from the experience?
  2. Client Development – Is the client acquiring new insights, awareness, knowledge?
  3. Action Learning – What new behaviors is the client successfully applying?
  4. Results – How does the client’s new presence and behaviour impact processes and results?
  5. Return on Investment – What is the benefit-to-cost ratio?